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Our Aim

Our aim is to provide you, the client with an array of digital and online resources that will further help the growth and development of your brand.

Using the powerful intellect of the web, Nano enhances a brand’s image through the consistent engagement of one’s clientèle. Furthermore, it increases interaction by sourcing relevant content that will sustain and interest a growing fan base.


Nano is the brainchild of three techno savvy entrepreneurs who saw a gap in the market, needing to be filled. The company offers online specific services such as social media management, social media campaigns, and graphic design.


Nano is about more than simply placing a brand online. It is a team of dedicated “nanites” creating a strategy that is tailor made to suit your business needs. We provide our clients with piece of mind and the insurance that they are always catered for in this new and ever expanding digital realm.


Social Media Marketing

Social media has become the forefront of how people interact with brands. Take a backseat and let Nano handle your daily interactions.

Graphic Design

Nano does not focus on boasting about being the best, we boast about being the most effective. This can be seen through our fantastic graphics.

Digital Campaigns

This is where Nano truly shines. Our creative minds and “dare to be bold” attitude enables us to think up and build new and exciting campaigns.

Web Development

Creating an amazing online presence does not only start with social media but your brands name. Nano will take care of your websites every need.


Nano can help you convert files to the correct formats for whatever the use. Whether this means recreating, touching up or straight conversion. We are willing to help.


Nano knows how difficult it is going back and forth to third parties. This is why we will get the best rates for all your branding needs.

Strategic Development

Nano strives to develop strategies that deliver the brand essence through each and every touch point. The strategies aim to develop top-of-mind positioning, with minimal effort, this in turn makes the communication factor a more advantageous and integrated one.

Digital Explained

Meet our team

Neelan Ranchhod


Neelan Ranchhod

Neelan owns ReviewMe.co.za and theKLIQUE. Both these sites are high profile websites which focus on the entertainment and media sector of South Africa. theKLIQUE has also ventured into the e-commerce sector and is growing with every sale! Reviewme informs the public in a new and unedited way. The site is not influenced or altered by corporate interests and thus, has a strong following with its consumers.

Whilst studying marketing at the AAA School of Advertising, Neelan has realised the importance of online presence. Not only does it create a look and feel of the real physical self, but portrays to the world whether indeed a business owner can forecast the success and efficiency of their enterprise.

Harry Georgiou


Harry Georgiou

Harry’s passion for marketing makes him the ideal strategist. There is no brand too complex or too tough for him to handle. His sense of humour and his love for coffee make him an asset to the team.

Harry enjoys thinking of new ways to create new and exciting experiences that is second to none and believes that pulling all nighters working on campaigns is worth the smile on the users’ face.

Harry is currently in his final year at Vega specialising in Brand Strategy. He has a passion for fast cars, tattooed women, coffee and even sneakers!

Nate Buttner

Community Manager

Nate Buttner

Nate is a hands-on kind of guy who is ready to tackle tasks without a moment’s hesitation. Nothing is more important than him being active with his time, which makes him an ideal work horse for tedious administrative and research tasks that most would despise.

Nate is currently studying law through UNISA. He is constantly acquiring skills not attributed to the everyday legal practitioner which he utilises to dominate his workload. He enjoys spending a lot of time in the sun, even if he has to take work with him.

Nate’s life motto is: “work until you no longer have to introduce yourself”. He works best with coffee in one hand and pressure in the other.

Sarah van der Westhuizen

Office Manager

Sarah van der Westhuizen

Sarah is a creative young lady with a big heart. She is a strong and level headed individual who is always ready to take on any new obstacle. She takes on anything that gets thrown at her with a hands on attitude.

Sarah is a currently studying Early Childhood Development Foundation Phase through Damelin Correspondence as well as expanding her educational knowledge through everyday life and loves learning new skills. Her motto is “You are never too old to learn something new.”

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